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Traditional, Proven Effective, Adult-Focused Self-Defense  
Respect - Friendship - Cooperation - Self-Control - Learning
Take Advantage of Our Instructor's 35+ years of worldwide self-defense teaching experience and our proven effective self defense from Okinawa in the 1800s!

It's not enough to just rely on the sport martial arts you learned before, now through Okinawan self-defense karate you will discover the missing, proven effective, self-defense applications.  Many call them secrets, we just call them applications.

Many of our members started in other styles of karate or martial arts.

Every day you hear about more.
Are you concerned about:
- Random Unexpected Crime/Violence!
- Bullies/Jackasses!
- Political Violence!
- Home Invasions!
- Family Abuse!
- Car-jacking!
- Terrorism!
- Road Rage!

Do you really know how to protect yourself, and your loved ones?
Often times, your gun isn't handy.  What will you do?

We Are Different From Other Karate Schools

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Unlike most martial arts schools our 8th Degree Karate Master, with 35+ years international teaching experience, shows you how to defend against street-type attacks where there are no rules.  You will learn to defend against pushes, pulls, grabs, as well as punches, kicks and other common attacks. 

Discover how a block is a punch is a knock down is  a block.

1.  We focus on the original proven effective adult-focused self-defense Karate as taught by the Masters in Okinawa.  
2.  We follow the proven effective Beikoku Shidokan Karate Association's curriculum.  We didn't make this up!
3.  We use natural body movement instead of strength and  muscle. The smaller and weaker easily contend with larger and stronger aggressors.
4.  Most classes you train along with Black and Brown Belts to speed your learning and comprehension. 
5.  Friendly Family Atmosphere.
6.  Small Exclusive Classes for your efficient, personalized more rapid learning.
7.  We cooperate in class rather than compete so we all improve more quickly; and reduce injuries, too.
8.  We report directly to the legendary Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree.  You will have opportunities to learn directly from him and other Okinawan Masters,
9. We have just a low All-inclusive monthly membership fee.  
     - $0 registration fee,
     - $0 promotion fee,
     - $0 belt fee, 
     - $0 equipment fee,
     - $0 black belt clubs or (every class is black belt training), 
     - $0 leadership training
     - $0 bottled water after class
     - $0 knitting classes (oops!)
     - $30 Mid-weight White Karate Uniforms available.

10.  No sales pressure or arm twisting to join.
11.  Pay only the months you train.  
12. No contracts to lock you into payments for 3 - 5 years!
13. Visitors welcome!
14. Many of our senior students began practicing other styles of karate/martial arts before they found us.
15. This Important Requirement should really be #1
      Have Fun, lots of fun! 

2015 virignia okinawan karate dojo cooperation
We always  welcome back former students with open arms! We know life often gets in the way of karate training in the DC Area. Yet you are still part of the family and 
                                                                   we are glad you are back!

The Hardest Thing in Karate: 
Attending Your First Class!

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You may want to learn Karate for one or more reasons our Members learn Karate:

- To have Fun and enjoy Friendship with others
- To learn a traditional proven effective martial art
- To overcome your fears
- To increase your self-control
- To competently defend against an attacker
- To lose weight 
- To get in shape 
  (or get bikini ready!  Can you tell which person in the photo isn't interested in bikini readiness?)
- To improve your balance
- To learn to use your own body weight instead of strength
- To BOOST your self defense skills
- To develop your patience
- To search for the knowledge our teachers sought
- and maybe something else, too!

If you want to compete and win trophies in tournaments go elsewhere!  Our trophy is coming home safe after an unexpected violent encounter.
Maria Teaches a Kids Class!

5:30 PM Tuesday & Thursday 
(a parents class at the same time is forming)
You trained with the rest, now train with the Best! A life long journey in a friendly atmosphere coupled with practical applications. After training with us, you can stop buying the videos and books and learn first hand applications of kata. Sensei and students alike are genuine and not "ballers." No matter your age, just show up and train. You won't be disappointed.

Patrick Hughes, Alexandria, VA

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I have been practicing Okinawan shorin-ryu karate for the last 15 years in Colombia, Argentina and the US. I've known Sensei Curtis for 7 years; his guidance and teaching will definitely take your current skills to the next level. 
This style of karate is great for all ages, through the practice of kata, bunkais and kumites, you'll continuously improve your martial arts skills while making great friends. What I particularly like about Shidokan, is that through the proper techniques you'll be able to to defend yourself regardless of your opponent's age or size. Sensei Iha (Sensei Roberto's sensei) is currently 81 years old, and his moves are simply flawless and completely effortless. Nobody can get close to him. Try out some classes and you'll not be disappointed.

Juan Jose Martinez
Alexandria, VA

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