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Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi with some Okinawan Karate of Alexandria students Lansing, Michigan 2013
Some of the women at a Saturday in the Park Class!
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 You Seldom find Adult-Focused Karate!
This is proven effective self-defense karate to:
               - reduce stress
               - improve self control and discipline
               - get in shape and
               - boost life protection skills.

It's not enough to just do the karate you may have learned as a child, now you can 
discover the missing self-defense applications, too! 

It is never too late to start!

The hardest thing about learning Karate is:
Walking Through the Door on the First Day!

Learn Proper Karate Technique and Application
that Trumps Strength and Muscle.  Thus, the smaller and weaker easily contend with larger and stronger aggressors.

We cooperate in class rather than compete.  Your Safety in Class and Outside is our MAIN Concern.
Seminar with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree.  Alexandria, VA  2013
He visits every year!
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Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church
10125 Lake Haven Court
Burke, VA  22015

7:00 PM Monday 
7:00 PM Wednesday
10:00 AM Saturday
We report directly to 
Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 
10th Degree, Hanshi, 
Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Karate Association
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Discover Why 
Our Members Strive to Develop: 
Heart of a Saint and Hands of a Demon
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703 310 9596

For Your 3 Free Trial Classes!
No strings attached to this short time offer!
Some of the Black Belt Instructors!
 front row:     
Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Roberto Curtis, 8th Dan 
back row:
  Matt Coursey, Mike Bethuy, Kip Barker, 9th Dan,
                                                  Denise Coursey, Harold Armour
          Beikoku Shidokan National Training Seminar July 2015

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