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Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi with some Okinawan Karate of Alexandria students Lansing, Michigan 2013
Seminar by Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree
Alexandria, Virginia  December, 2012
MENSORE!    Welcome!

We help you reach your goals:

Everyone has different reasons for training in our authentic traditional Okinawan Karate. Whether your goal is to boost efficient and effective proven life protection skills or improved personal well being (get in shape, stress reduction, improved self control, self confidence, etc.) we will help you reach your goal in a fun and safe environment.  
Plus, you will soon smile and laugh confidently like the rest of us!

You will find we are different from most other schools:
- This is grown-up karate for adults;
- We focus only on proven effective, efficient skills for life preservation  
  passed down from the 1600's;  (Many call them secrets.)
- We have small exclusive classes for your personalized learning;
- Crowding is never an issue because we practice in a big gym;
- Many of our students need karate for work purposes.  
  So you know this works and their are no "fluff" techniques. 
- No aimless waving your hands or feet in the air purposelessly;
- We focus on cooperation rather than competition in class 
  so we all learn more rapidly and no one fears sudden injury;
- Your safety is our priority;
- The highest ranked Okinawan Karate Master in the United States,
  Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, visits at least once per year to ensure we
  maintain standards with our other U.S. and International schools.
- Our instructor has 35+ years experience teaching authentic 
  traditional Okinawan Karate to U.S. Diplomats, U.S. Marines, 
  foreign security operatives and people just like you;
- We have no store to encourage you to purchase unnecessary "stuff";
- Our members report this is an outstanding value, plus
- Discounts available for Family and active duty Military.

- We train YOU for those unexpected 3-9 Seconds!
We learn and train effective, efficient and proven life protection skills developed in the early 1800s by Okinawan Samurai (Bugeisha).  Our training focuses on those unexpected 3-9 seconds when you suddenly must react correctly to avoid becoming another statistic on a police blotter. 

- You will find WE COOPERATE to IMPROVE!
This is cooperative karate, rather than competitive karate. We cooperate to help each other improve. As you progress in your learning your punches and kicks become quicker and more forceful as you learn proper application. You will discover how to punch with force three times greater than your body weight! Your blocking becomes quicker and more effortless. You will soon understand how to use your body effectively with these proven self-defense techniques.  

- We have MANY black belts with over 20 years experience who are ready to help you during class. 

- You, too, will Train with a 10th Degree Okinawan Karate Master!
Many people spend thousands of dollars to travel to Okinawa, the birth place of karate, to train with the top instructors there.  At Okinawn Karate of Alexandria Okinawa comes to us!  My instructor, Okinawan Grand Master, Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi, Beikoku Shidokan Karate (www.ihadojo.com) visits us at least once a year to teach seminars and ensure students appropriately learn the Shidokan Karate curriculum based on efficient, effective and proven self-defense techniques from the early 1800s.  While man has evolved in so many ways since these techniques were compiled, self-defense techniques developed by the Okinawan Samurai (Bugeisha) amazingly still are the most effective and efficient self-defense.  Whenever one of us thinks we have stumbled upon a new technique or application a senior instructor readily points out that we have already been doing just that.  We just weren't aware of it.

- Our Instructor:
Our instructor has 35+ years of experience training U.S. Embassy Security Personnel and Operatives, foreign security personnel, U.S. Marines, and people just like you.  He continues to train with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, since he began with him in 1979, and currently is an Okinawan-certified 7th Degree, Kyoshi; Master Instructor.

Are you ready to JOIN US! 

-Imagine how your natural smile and relaxed
 self-confidence and control will 
magnetically draw others to you. 
-Friends and family 
will enjoy spending more time with you
 and mention how 
you've somehow changed, 
or transformed yourself.  
As you smile to yourself you will 
think back to the day you started 
learning Self Defense Karate and 
suddenly realize how your life changed 
so much for the better and you are 
thankful you overcame your 
initial concerns and started 
your Free Trial Class.

-Learn the Art of Self Defense Karate so you immediately and confidently take control of a violent encounter. On lookers will greatly admire your confidence, skills and self-control as they also wonder if you don't really work for a secret government agency.  You will look back with contentment with your time spent learning these natural body movements developed in the early 1800's for unarmed Okinawans. (See History Page)

Contact us NOW for your FREE Trial Class!

The Art of Self-Defense Karate is for you if:
- you dread walking to your front door at night, 
- you fear someone might be lurking in the shadows waiting to harm you,
you get squeamish when someone out of place approaches,  
- your knees weaken a little when a rowdy group of guys focuses on you, 
Bullies torment you, or a loved one, 

- you are interested in learning 
   the Art of authentic, traditional Okinawan Self Defense Karate.  
​  (often referred to as the pathway between self-defense and self-perfection)

How are different than other Karate schools? 

(See member's reviews at bottom of page.)

You, too, can learn the natural, 
easy to learn secret movements
Okinawan Masters teach their countrymen!

Register now for your FREE Trial Class!
This is a limited time offer so contact us now.
There is no obligation to continue with us  
because we only allow members seriously interested
in learning the secrets of Self Defense Karate.  

Imagine in the future when you look back with pride and satisfaction at when you started your karate training and realizing now how the natural body movements of self defense karate boosted your self-confidence and now provide you with gentle self-control.  You may notice you are more satisfied with your life and your friends and family are happier to be around you, too!

Tomorrow may be too late!
Time slips away quickly.  Avoid putting off until tomorrow starting karate training as you may suddenly be confronted with an unfortunate situation and you will wish you had already started your karate training.  Or you suddenly discover yourself much older and physically incapable of doing karate yet remember with regret how you had always planned on learning karate but just never got around to it and time just slipped away.  

As an Okinawan Karate class participant you will enjoy the same benefits our members report including:  

      -- Minimized Fear;
      -- Increased Self Confidence;
      -- Boosted Family Protection Skills.
      -- Anti-Bully Skills;
      -- Reduced Stress;
      -- Sneaky Weight Loss;
      -- Improved Energy; and
      -- (dare we write it?) a lot of FUN

 Our Self-Defense Karate practice prepares you to react naturally and automatically in the most critical first five seconds of a violent encounter.  These five seconds determine if you will just become another victim jotted down on a police blotter or a survivor.

Usually, if you know karate, you won't need to use it.  
The reverse is also true!

You will discover and perfect self-control for optimum self-defense.  You will discover how to work effectively with a variety of partners.  As your skills and competency improve you will be presented with even more challenging, faster and harder karate and self-defense activities.  This productive style of learning requires a mutual attitude of cooperation and partnership. 

People of all ages and levels of physical conditioning learn karate.  We guarantee that you will learn or improve self defense karate techniques with every class.  Your progress through the belt ranks depends on your attitude towards learning and the amount of your own practice time in class and on your own.

We maximize your learning of authentic traditional karate by offering small exclusive classes led by our 7th Degree Karate Master who has 35+ years of international and domestic teaching experience.  He leads classes by working out with you so you see that he isn't asking you to do something he can not do, too.  He is probably much older than you, too!  
If he can still do karate, WHY Can't YOU?  

We also have black and brown belt members (with 3 to 20 years experience and from various backgrounds) to help you discover these natural, efficient and proven effective techniques. 

You will discover authentic traditional Okinawan Karate focuses on:
       -- Kata (self defense templates),  traditional/authentic kata,
       -- Kumite (one on one technique practice), and 
       -- Bunkai (combining the templates with actual technique applications). 
                              Kata and Bunkai Examples here.

You will learn easy-to-learn natural body movements for 
self defense to overcome your fears, improve self control and prepare you in case you ever need to respond to unexpected violence.  
Your size is no issue as smaller sized women easily perform these techniques on much larger and stronger men.  You can discover these self defense movements in our safe and secure classes.  Your age is no issue.  You will get in shape in class with us.  No need to go on a diet, or take aerobics, or run a mile before starting karate.  We take you as you are.

Your safety, and ours, is a class priority.     

We guarantee that you will discover new proven effective Karate techniques that give you the benefits, results and confidence you want as you learn our Art of Self-Defense Karate.  

​This karate isn't for everyone!
This is traditional non-competitive karate to respond to unexpected street violence as passed down through generations of Okinawa's leading Karate Masters.  We are serious about your self-defense and learning and exploring the efficient, effective and proven self-defense techniques and applications so you learn to react without thinking.  

What will you do in class?  
     (We don't expect you to have any previous training.  If you do, great!)

You will start out with a few minutes of warm ups.
You will go over the basic punches, kicks and blocks.

​The order of the following varies by what the class focuses upon:
 - You will learn and practice Kata, or fighting templates, that you perform with the group.  (Some liken it to a big group dance.)  You will follow along as the class progresses and a more senior member may help you learn the kata.  
 - Partner drills help you apply the basic techniques you worked on at the beginning of class.  You will cooperate with a variety of partners during class on your punches, kicks, blocks and throws.  
 - Kumite partner drills help you put these techniques into applications you would use in a real life situation.
 - Bunkai is where you perform a kata as other members attack you.  
   This immediately helps you understand and improve applications.

YOU should contact us now to Register for a FREE Trial Class 
with no strings attached and no obligation to continue!  
Bring a friend and request the Family/Friends Special Discount!

One-hour Adult classes: 
    7:00 pm Monday (Beginner Focus)
    7:00 pm Tuesday (Black Belts)
    7:00 pm Thursday (All members)
    9:30 am on Saturday (All Members)

Children's Class  (5 - 12 years):
    3:45 Tuesday and Thursday

Gym at Christian Center School
5411 Franconia Road
Alexandria, VA  22310
Some of the women at a Saturday in the Park Class!
Contact Us

(Copied from the Yelp Page)

   Denise C.
  Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating

When I moved to this area, I visited many schools trying to find the right fit for me before I found Okinawan Karate of Alexandria. This is a very welcoming dojo that focuses on practical self-defense applications -- very similar to my previous dojo. The classes are primarily made up of adults, with some teens and pre-teens, and the focus is on learning through friendship and cooperation. It's a great place for beginners or people with previous martial arts experience -- everyone is welcome. And because there are quite a few people with experience in other styles, there is a lot of sharing of different interpretations and adaptions of basic techniques. This is a school where creative adaptation is encouraged -- a rarity.


 Pat H.

5.0 star rating

Just as Yelp quantifies 5 stars: This is as good as it gets! A traditional school, with lots of insight to practical application of kata. You will receive a great workout that is not convoluted with warm up or cool down exercises. You can save that for your personal time! This is a dojo committed to the pragmatic application of kata and preservation of the arts. Every class is sure to please and everyone is welcome.


  Keith H.
  Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating

Excellent instructor with a ton of experience and knowledge. Very active classes with strong focus on practical Karate applications with no silly acrobatic techniques that will not work. Great value for your money as well.


Mike B.

  Mike B.
  Rockville, MD

5.0 star rating

This is a great Traditional Okinawan Karate school. The head instructor and students have created an environment that is friendly and welcoming.  
Students are encourage to help other students learn and grow. Students with different martial arts backgrounds are also welcome to come and train. These attributes contribute to the welcoming environment where students learn through cooperation and friendship.  
What should not be understated is that one can learn multiple examples of what a move in a kata could translate to in application. Instead of just memorizing the motions of a kata, students also learn what those motions could mean through learning bunkai or the application of kata. Having come from a different style myself, I have come to really appreciate learning the bunkai's to kata.


Robert L.

  Robert L.
  Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating

In an area where generic strip mall dojos are the rule, this traditional Okinawan Karate school is a gem. Traces its lineage directly to old time Okinawan masters. The teacher is skilled, students are serious but friendly, and monthly fees are very reasonable. If you are looking for traditional martial arts training, you can't do better than this school.


Jin Hoon L.

  Jin Hoon L.
  Washington, DC

5.0 star rating

Best Okinawa style Karate dojo you can find within the greater DC area.

Unlike some dojos that will just make you memorize katas and sell belts, this dojo makes sure that you learn your punches and kicks. The class basically does not involve activities that are too physical (such as an actual sparring), but the kumite will give you insight of applications while preparing you for any undesirable situations in the future.

The class has great spectrum of experience among students, so you will be welcomed regardless of your skill. And you will not feel like the only newbie thrown in group of black belts even if you have no martial arts experience.


  Mis C.
  Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating

Adult karate instruction! No idea this exited. Focus on self defense.
Instructor shows interest in your learning how to apply what we are lerning.

Friendly people, very enjoyable.

A couple students'skids are in class, too. Yet focus is on adults rather than kids.

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GOOGLE + Reviews:

Juan Jose Martinez
5 Stars
reviewed a month ago
I have been practicing Okinawan shorin-ryu karate for the last 15 years in Colombia, Argentina and the US. I've known Sensei Curtis for 7 years; his guidance and teaching will definitely take your current skills to the next level. This style of karate is great for all ages, through the practice of kata, bunkais and kumites, you'll continuously improve your martial arts skills while making great friends. What I particularly like about Shidokan, is that through the proper techniques you'll be able to to defend yourself regardless of your opponent's age or size. Sensei Iha (Sensei Roberto's sensei) is currently 81 years old, and his moves are simply flawless and completely effortless. Nobody can get close to him. Try out some classes and you'll not be disappointed. 

Roundhouse Kick
5 Stars
reviewed a month ago
Great instruction, talented students, and exceptional learning environment for the beginner to the advanced. Roberto Sensei keeps each lesson motivating and challenging. There are several skilled black belts and brown belts to assist with learning correct techniques, kata, and even sparring. The dojo facility is spacious, and there is plenty of parking. Students are taught traditional Okinawa Karate techniques, as well as the history and culture of the Beikoku Shidokan karate style. 

Mis Comentarios
5 Stars
reviewed 2 months ago
Love this place. Outstanding instructor and fellow students make you feel part of a big family. Instruction is top notch as you learn how to apply the techniques you learn in case you ever need them. There are many black and brown belt members in class who gently help you along as you learn actual karate. Some of the members have 15 to 20 years of karate experience and everyone helps you learn without intimidating you nor making you feel stupid. No one has a big ego or shows off. So practice is really safe. It is amazing to watch small women dominate much larger and stronger men with their karate techniques. Why aren't you here with me?
Gym at Christian Center School
5411 Franconia Road
Alexandria, VA 22310
Contact Us
This is Your Grown-Up Uncensored Karate! 
for Men and Women, 
big and small, adults and older adults, 
and some teens.  
A few mature kids accompany their parents.

Our core students are between 35-50 years old.
Seminar with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree.  Alexandria, VA  2013
We know our Karate isn't for everyone but we can help you find your karate or martial arts school that meets your needs.
Contact us now for your FREE report: 
The 7 Most Important Things 
You Need to Know 
to Select Your Karate/Martial Arts School!
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Contact Us
Seikichi Iha,
Hanshi, Grand Master, 
10th Degree, 
            and Roberto,
    Kyoshi 7th Degree

     Alexandria, VA.     
Call Kyoshi now at 703-310-9596 and tell him code #100 to save you $100 on your  first month's tuition.  This is only for the first 3 new members this month!
Call Kyoshi Now at 703-310-9596   
Tell him Code #100 so you save $100 off your first month's tuition!