Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi with some Okinawan Karate of Alexandria students Lansing, Michigan 2013

Our Self-Defense Karate is for you if:
- you care about helping protect others and their well-being;
- you want to be ready, ¨just in case¨;
- you want to get in shape;
- you want good workouts;
- You want to have fun; or
- You are interested in learning the art of traditional Okinawan karate;

Our Self-Defense Karate Could be for you if:
- you dread walking to your front door at night;
- you fear someone may be lurking in the shadows to harm you;
you get squeamish when someone out of place approaches; 
- your knees weaken a little when a rowdy group of guys focuses on you; or
Bullies torment you, or a loved one.

Karate is often called: 
"the pathway between self-defense and self-perfection."

Your Benefits From Karate Practice: 
Our members report your benefits include:
      -- Developing Incredible Friendships based on Respect;
      -- Increased self-control;
      -- Better Balance and Flexibility;
      -- Minimized Fear;
      -- Increased Self Confidence and Self Control;
      -- Improved Flexibility and Balance;
      -- Boosted Family Protection Skills.
      -- Anti-Bully Skills;
      -- Reduced Stress;
      -- Sneaky Weight Loss;
      -- Improved Energy; and
      -- (dare we write it?) a lot of FUN

It is no secret that if you know karate, 
you probably won't need to use it.  
The reverse is also true!

Authentic Traditional Okinawan Karate focuses on:
       -- Kata (self defense templates),  traditional/authentic kata,
       -- Kumite (one on one technique practice), and 
       -- Bunkai (combining templates with technique applications). 
                              Kata and Bunkai Examples here.

You will discover easy-to-learn natural, effective, proven body movements 
for self defense to overcome your fears, improve self control and prepare you in case you ever need to respond to unexpected violence.

​​In Today's Uncertain Times 
You Will Find We are Different!

- This is grown-up karate for adults;
- Focus only on your proven effective, efficient life  
  preservation technique applications from Okinawan Masters;  
(Many call them secrets.)
- Limited Class Size for your safety and rapid learning;
- You will be unrestricted by space because we are in a gym;
- Many of our students use karate for work purposes;  
  (So you know this works and you learn no "fluff" techniques) 
- You will discover applications for every move and technique;
- Your Focus on COOPERATION and SAFETY rather than
  competition makes for a pleasant and fun learning experience;
- You will train with the highest ranked Okinawan Karate
  Master in the United States, Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, who
  visits at least once per year.  
- You will learn from our instructor who has 35+ years 
  experience teaching authentic traditional Okinawan Karate 
  to U.S. Diplomats, U.S. Marines, foreign security operatives 
  and people just like you;
- You will encounter no coercive pressure to buy "stuff" from our
  store because we have no store; just uniforms and belts.
- You will find our members report this is an outstanding value; 
- You will find generous Family and Military DISCOUNTS; 
- Plus You will have FUN! When was the last time you did something just for fun?

YOU have read this far so you should Contact us now 
to Register for a FREE Trial Class: 
-no strings attached
-no obligation to continue
-no high pressure sales pitch
- no arm twisting!

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Some of the women at a Saturday in the Park Class!
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 You Seldom find
Adult-Focused Karate!
We practice proven effective self-defense karate.

It's not enough to just do the karate you learned as a child, but now you can 
discover the missing self-defense applications, too! 

It is never too late to start!

The hardest thing about learning Karate is:
Walking Through the Door on the First Day!

Learn Proper Karate Technique and Application
that Trumps Strength and Muscle.

Your Safety is our MAIN Priority.
Seminar with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree.  Alexandria, VA  2013
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Proud Member of the 
Beikoku Shidokan Karate Association. 
We report directly to 
Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 
10th Dan, Hanshi

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