Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi with some Okinawan Karate of Alexandria students Lansing, Michigan 2013
Seminar by Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree
Alexandria, Virginia  December, 2012
MENSORE!    (Welcome!)

We help you reach your goals

Everyone has different reasons for training in Karate. Whether your goal is to boost efficient and effective proven life protection skills or improved personal well being (get in shape, stress reduction, improved self control, self confidence, etc.) we will help you reach your goal in a fun and safe environment.  
Plus, as an added benefit:
you will soon smile and laugh confidently like us!

We are different from most other schools
- This is grown-up karate for adults;
- Focus only on proven effective, efficient skills for life  
  preservation passed down from the 1600's;  
(Many call them secrets.)
- Small exclusive classes for your personalized learning;
- Crowding is never an issue because we practice in a big gym;
- Many of our students need karate for work purposes.  
  So you know this works and their are no "fluff" techniques. 
- No aimless waving your hands or feet in the air purposelessly;
- Focus on cooperation and safety rather than competition;
- Your safety is our priority;
- The highest ranked Okinawan Karate Master in the United
  States, Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, visits at least once per year.
- Our instructor has 35+ years experience teaching authentic 
  traditional Okinawan Karate to U.S. Diplomats, U.S. Marines, 
  foreign security operatives and people just like you;
- We have no store to encourage you to purchase unnecessary 
- Our members report this is an outstanding value, plus
- Discounts available for Family and active duty Military.
Guarantee: "you can stop training at any time for any reason with no additional obligations."  We know life gets in the way and training falls in priority for you.
No high pressure sales pitch!

We train YOU for those unexpected 3-9 Seconds!
We learn and train effective, efficient and proven life protection skills developed in the early 1800s by Okinawan Samurai (Bugeisha).  Our training focuses on those unexpected 3-9 seconds when you suddenly must react correctly to avoid becoming another statistic on a police blotter. 

You will find WE COOPERATE to IMPROVE!
This is cooperative karate, rather than competitive karate. We cooperate to help each other improve. As you progress in your learning your punches and kicks become quicker and more forceful as you learn proper application. You will discover how to punch with force three times greater than your body weight! Your blocking becomes quicker and more effortless. You will soon understand how to use your body effectively with these proven self-defense techniques.  

- We have MANY black belts with over 20 years experience who are ready to help you during class. 

You Train with a 10th Degree Okinawan Karate Master!
Many people spend thousands of dollars to travel to Okinawa, the birth place of karate, to train with the top instructors there.  

My instructor, Okinawan Grand Master, Seikichi Iha, 10th Dan, Hanshi, Beikoku Shidokan Karate ( visits us at least once a year to teach seminars and ensure students appropriately learn the Shidokan Karate curriculum based on efficient, effective and proven self-defense techniques from the early 1800s.  

Self-defense techniques developed by the Okinawan Samurai (Bugeisha) amazingly still are the most effective and efficient self-defense for hand to hand combat.  Whenever one of us thinks we have stumbled upon a new technique or application a senior instructor readily points out that we have already been doing just that. 

Our Instructor:
Our instructor has 35+ years of experience training U.S. Embassy Security Personnel and Operatives, foreign security personnel, U.S. Marines, and people just like you.  He continues to train with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, since he began with him in 1979, and currently is an Okinawan-certified 7th Degree, Kyoshi; Master Instructor.  People are surprised at the friendly cooperative atmosphere in class; just like Grand Master Iha's!

You will Change for the Better!
-Imagine how your natural smile and relaxed self-confidence and control will magnetically draw others to you. 
-Friends and family will enjoy spending more time with you and mention how you've somehow changed, or transformed yourself.  
As you smile to yourself you will think back to the day you started learning Self Defense Karate and suddenly realize how your life changed so much for the better and you are thankful you overcame your initial concerns and started 
your Free Trial Class.

Self-Defense Karate is for you if:
- you dread walking to your front door at night, 
- you fear someone might be lurking in the shadows waiting to harm you,
you get squeamish when someone out of place approaches,  
- your knees weaken a little when a rowdy group of guys focuses on you, 
Bullies torment you, or a loved one, 

- you are interested in learning 
   the Art of authentic, traditional Okinawan Self Defense Karate.  (the pathway between self-defense and self-perfection)

Tomorrow may be too late!
Time slips away quickly.  Avoid putting off until tomorrow starting karate training as you may suddenly be confronted with an unfortunate situation and you will wish you had already started your karate training.  Or you suddenly discover yourself much older and physically incapable of doing karate yet remember with regret how you had always planned on learning karate but just never got around to it and time just slipped away.  

Your Benefits 
Our members report benefits include:
      -- Minimized Fear;
      -- Increased Self Confidence and Self Control;
      -- Improved Flexibility and Balance;
      -- Boosted Family Protection Skills.
      -- Anti-Bully Skills;
      -- Reduced Stress;
      -- Sneaky Weight Loss;
      -- Improved Energy; and
      -- (dare we write it?) a lot of FUN

Usually, if you know karate, you won't need to use it.  
The reverse is also true!

Authentic Traditional Okinawan Karate focuses on:
       -- Kata (self defense templates),  traditional/authentic kata,
       -- Kumite (one on one technique practice), and 
       -- Bunkai (combining templates with technique applications). 
                              Kata and Bunkai Examples here.

Learn easy-to-learn natural effective body movements 
for self defense to overcome your fears, improve self control and prepare you in case you ever need to respond to unexpected violence.

Your size is no issue
Smaller sized women and men easily perform these techniques on much larger and stronger people.  You can discover these self defense movements in our safe and secure classes.  
Your age is no issue.  You will get in shape in class with us.  No need to go on a diet, or take aerobics, or run a mile before starting karate.  We take you as you are.

Guarantee:  You will discover proven effective Karate techniques that give you the benefits, results and confidence you want, or else just walk away with no further financial obligations!    

​This karate isn't for everyone!
This is traditional non-competitive karate to respond to unexpected street violence as passed down through generations of Okinawa's leading Karate Masters.  We are serious about your self-defense and learning and exploring the efficient, effective and proven self-defense techniques and applications so you learn to react without thinking.  

YOU should contact us now to Register for a FREE Trial Class 
with no strings attached and no obligation to continue!  
Bring a friend and request the Family/Friends Special Discount!
Some of the women at a Saturday in the Park Class!
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This is Your Grown-Up Uncensored Karate! 
for Men and Women, 
big and small, 
adults and older adults, 
and some teens.  
A few mature kids 
accompany their parents.

Our core students are between 35-65 years old.
Seminar with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree.  Alexandria, VA  2013
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save $100 on your first month's tuition. 
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Karate Lessons for those in:
- Alexandria, 
- Rose Hill, 
- Kingstowne, 
- Huntington, 
- Springfield, 
- Ft. Belvoir, 
- Arlington,
- Lorton, 
- Dale City, 
- Woodbridge,
- Washington, DC, and 
- Maryland.
This Karate Is NOT For Everyone!