Yoga Class Schedule

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Friday 6:00 PM

Saturday Noon

Sunday 10:00 AM, and

(Suggest Another Time Good For You!)

We have three Yoga Teachers Just for You!



Come join us for a 60 minute class focusing on meditation, restoration, and growth 
while moving through a sequence of Vinyasa yoga postures.

Class Times

Friday afternoon 6:00 PM
(More to come!)

Private lessons and other times are also available.
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teaches yoga classes on Saturdays and Sundays. 

I work full time at a University, I am also completing my Masters in Public Policy and I am a yoga enthusiast. We are all busy juggling various responsibilities so I look for convenient ways to add yoga into my working day. 

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OHHH and dont forget!!! Use the discount code: "Roberto" to try any of my classes for free!


Info coming
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