Promotion Requirements

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Promotion Requirements

Each person's progress depends upon learning, performing and perfecting kata, bunkai and kumite. No two students progress at the same rate. Practicing kata on your own generally reinforces muscle memory resulting in more rapid advancement as you readily learn, understand, and apply self-defense applications from your kata. Some people learn quickly, while others have slower initial advancement. 

The hardest thing in karate 
is deciding to attend your FIRST class!

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We follow Grand Master Seikichi Iha's Beikoku Shidokan Association's promotion requirements.

8 Kyu White Belt:   (Perform these kata and chart drills for promotion to 7th Kyu.)

Karate Kata:   

Kihon Kata 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Naihanchi Shodan: ​ 

Chart #1 Drills:

1. Front Kick - Back leg only.
2. Side kick - back leg only.
3. Step, punch (step back, outside block).
4. Step, punch (step back, inside block).
5. High/low punch.
6. Front kick, high low punch.
7. Step, middle punch (nagashi uke).
8. Front kick, middle punch (nagashi uke on both).
9. Step, high punch (kagite block).
10. Front kick, high punch (nagashi uke, kagite).
11. Kotekitae

7 Kyu White Belt, Yellow Tip:

Karate Kata: 

Pinan Shodan, 
Pinan Nidan

KUMITE: 1, 2, 3

Chart #2 Drills:

​1. Front kick, side kick – opposite leg
2. Front kick, high roundhouse–opposite leg
3. Front kick, back kick – opposite leg
4. Front kick, step behind side kick – same leg
5. Front kick, step front middle roundhouse – same leg
6. Front kick, middle punch, kotekitae

virginia okinawan karate dojo at lake

6 Kyu Yellow Belt:

Karate KATA: 

Pinan Sandan, 
Pinan Yondan, 
Pinan Godan

KUMITE: 4, 5

Chart #3 Drills:

1. High/low punch same hand, high/low punch opposite hand, block high/low
2. Front kick, high/low punch same hand, high/low punch opposite hand, block high/low
3. Front kick, side kick, high (tate zuki)/low punch same hand, high/low punch opposite hand, block high/low
4. Front kick, back kick, high (ura zuki)/low punch same hand, high/low punch opposite hand, block high/low


5  Kyu Yellow Belt, Green Tip:

Karate KATA: 

Naihanchi Nidan, 
Itosu no Passai (Passai Sho)

KUMITE: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
4 Kyu Green Belt:

Karate Kata: 

Naihanchi Sandan,  
Kusanku Sho 

Pinan Shodan, Sandan & Yondan Bunkai, plus Naihanchi Shodan Oiyo Bunkai
Kumite: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16


3 Kyu Green Belt, Brown Tip:

Karate KATA:
Matsumura no Passai (Passai Dai) 

BUNKAI: continue working on those you know.

virginia okinawan karate dojo bunkai
2 Kyu Brown Belt:

Karate KATA: 

Kusanku Dai

Pinan Shodan Oiyo Bunkai; 
Pinan Yondan Oiyo Bunkai 


1 Kyu Brown Belt, Black Tip:

Karate Kata: 


Itosu no Passai (Passai Sho) Bunkai 
Naihanchi Nidan Oiyo Bunkai (optional)  

Black Belt requirements
All Black Belt exams and promotions are conducted by Grand Master, 10th Dan, Seikichi Iha and the National Beikoku Shidokan Shorin Ryu Black Belt Examination Committee following the Beikoku Shidokan by-laws.  

Valid Black Belt Certificates are signed by Grand Master, 10th Dan, Katsuya Miyahira prior to his passing, and now Grand Master, 10th Dan, Seikichi Iha.

Karate Kata: 
 Goju Shi Ho

Non-required Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Katas inlcude:     

- Koryu Basai (aka Genwa or Gusukuma no Passai)
- Jion    
- Te Sho (Developed by Katsuya Miyahira)
- Onna Bugeisha (Fearless Woman)
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