Kids Requirements

Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo
Kids' Testing Requirements

Students work on the items listed beneath their current belt in order to be promoted to the next belt. 
All requirements for previous belts must be maintained to continue promotions.
White Belt
Kihon Kata 1
Kihon Kata 2
Chart 1
Bows when entering and exiting the dojo
Good ready stance

White Belt, Yellow Tip
Kihon Kata 3
Chart 2

Yellow Belt
Kihon Kata 4
Chart 3
Kumite 1
Kihon Kata 4 Bunkai
Positive attitude

Yellow Belt, Green Tip
Kihon Kata 5
Kumite 2
Kihon Kata 5 Bunkai
Good fist position

Green Belt
Kihon Kata 6
Kumite 3
Good back stance

Green Belt, Blue Tip
Naihanchi Shodan
Kumite 4

Blue Belt
Pinan Shodan
Kumite 5
Pinan Shodan Bunkai
Shows intensity in kata
Practices before class

Blue Belt, Purple Tip
Naihanchi Nidan
Kumite 6
Naihanchi Shodan Bunkai
Practices after class

Purple Belt
Pinan Nidan
Kumite 7
Good forward stance

Purple Belt, Brown Tip
Naihanchi Sandan
Kumite 8
Good Naihanchi Stance

Brown Belt
Pinan Sandan
Kumite 9
Pinan Sandan Bunkai
Good horse riding stance

Brown Belt, Black Tip
Pinan Yodan
Kumite 10
Pinan Yodan Bunkai
Jr. Black Belt
Pinan Godan
Kumite 11
Helps others

Jr. Black Belt, Yellow Tip
Kusanku Sho
Kumite 12
Demonstrates good character

Jr. Black Belt, Green Tip
Passai Sho
Kumite 13
Passai Sho Bunkai

Jr. Black Belt, Blue Tip
Passai Dai
Kumite 14
Pinan Shodan Oiyo Bunkai

Jr. Black Belt, Purple Tip
Kusanku Dai
Kumite 15
Pinan Yodan Oiyo Bunkai

Jr. Black Belt, Brown Tip
Kumite 16

Black Belt
Goju Shi Ho

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