How We Are Different

We Are Different From Other Karate Schools

1. We practice proven effective adult-focused self defense relying upon natural body movements rather than strength and muscle. Thus the smaller and weaker easily contend with stronger and larger opponents.

2. We practice to defend against unexpected violent confrontations so we cooperate with each other in class rather than compete in a tournament to win trophies. You will learn in a friendly cooperative atmosphere and should have no concern about anyone trying to show off, intimidate, or hurt you in class.

3. Our instructor has 35+ years experience teaching self defense karate to US Embassy Security Personnel, US Marines, US and foreign military personnel, foreign security operatives, and people like you.

4. Our 8th Degree instructor has been a direct student of Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, one of the senior Karate Masters in Okinawa, since 1979.  

5. We have a simple fee structure so there are no surprise charges. No charges for equipment, black belt classes, etc. Just pay a low monthly fee.

6. We guarantee that your previous martial arts training was nothing like what you will learn in our class.  

7. We practice how to react to pushes, pulls, and grabs in addition to punches and kicks.

8. You will be amazed to learn that a block is a punch - is a throw - is a pressure point attack or joint lock - is a block.

9. You will learn or perfect new self defense techniques with every class.

10. You will train with Grand Master Seikichi Iha when he visits our Alexandria Dojo.

11. We have small classes and our dojo evokes the tranquil feel and atmosphere of a traditional Okinawan dojo.

12. Generous family and first responder discounts.

13. You will have lots of fun!
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