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Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo
6416 Grovedale Drive, 
Alexandria, VA 22310

(Franconia Rd and Buleah Rd.)
Adult/Teenage Classes:
7 pm Monday,
7 pm Tuesday (Brown and Black Belts), 
7 pm Wednesday (Beginner-focused)
7 pm Thursday, and
10 am Saturday

Private Lessons Available: Just call/text or email.

Corporate Self Defense Training Seminar available.

virginia okinawan karate dislocate arm in response to grab

Now Children's Classes: 
5:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday
Taught by Maria!

Your Children will LOVE learning from Maria.  
Not only will they have fun, they will also learn effective self defense to protect against bullies, aggressors and even wayward adults!

Office Hours:
The office is normally open 45 minutes before scheduled classes.  

Call or text to schedule other office times or private classes.

Special Discounts
(Do you qualify?)

- Military, 
- First Responders, 
- Family, or 
- Student Discounts!

A 2 1/2 hour very effective self-defense course is available on our premises or yours.  Overseas State Department spouses, foreign diplomats, as well as many women in the area learned these reality based effective techniques to use "just in case".   Feed back included: 
- "Finally a course I can use!"  
- "Most useful self defense course I ever learned."  
- "Everyone should learn this natural body movement self defense."

I developed 'Fearless Woman' for my teenage daughter to ensure her safety while we were stationed overseas.  This allowed me to sleep at night while she was out.  

Usually, we need at least two participants.  Mother/daughter, Girl Scouts, Teenagers, etc.  The more, the merrier.

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