Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo

You will Learn and Practice in small classes: 
- Proven Effective, Adult Self-Defense Karate
- To Use Natural Body Movements not Strength.  
- Improved Balance, 
- Self-Control and 
- to have FUN!
You want to try this!

NOW: Women's Class 6:00 PM Monday!

It's not enough to rely on the sport karate you may have learned previously to protect yourself. Discover the missing, proven effective, adult self-defense applications missing in your martial arts training. Some call them secrets. We call them obvious  unrevealed applications.  

Take Advantage of Our Instructor's 35+ years experience teaching 
Self Defense Martial Arts Courses!

Call/text or email to Try no-obligation Self Defense Classes!

You can learn to be like Maria shown in the video below:
The hardest thing in self defense karate: 
DECIDING to attend your FIRST class!

Kumite 1 application to a grab

Another application to Kumite 1 Grab

You trained with the rest, now train with the Best! A life long journey in a friendly atmosphere coupled with practical applications. After training with us, you can stop buying the videos and books and learn first hand applications of kata. Sensei and students alike are genuine and not "ballers." No matter your age, just show up and train. You won't be disappointed.

Patrick Hughes, Alexandria, VA
(on Google)

I am 27 and had never done karate before. I had always wanted to try it but was afraid I was to old and starting to late in life. I was wrong. Sensei Roberto is amazing teacher who is patient and understanding every step of the way. I not only learned technique but practical application to help me defend my self, if I ever needed to, in many different situation. Not only was Sensei Roberto fantastic but so where all the other students, always willing to take extra time to work with me.
If you are new to karate I greatly recommend this dojo. If you have been doing karate for a while and are looking for a new dojo I still recommend this dojo. You get traditional Okinawan karate with a wonderful skilled instructor.

I absolutely loved this dojo. I recently had to move which forced me to find a new dojo, other wise I would still be there!

Alexandria, VA
(on Yelp)
In the short time that I have been training at Virginia Okinawan Karate, I've learned so much about kata and how every movement has a practical application. Sensei teaches in a fun, motivating way. The upper belts are always willing to stay around after class to help you. 

While my schedule is busy, every minute of training with Sensei and the class is invigorating and motivating. 
I've trained for more than 10 years in other styles and recently just came back to martial arts. I am so grateful to have found this place.

I highly recommend training at Virginia Okinawan Karate. The class structure and curriculum is ideal for adult practitioners. You'll have fun and learn practical self defense skills.

Alex Torres
(on Facebook)

I have been practicing Okinawan shorin-ryu karate for the last 15 years in Colombia, Argentina and the US. I've known Sensei Curtis for 9 years; his guidance and teaching will definitely take your current skills to the next level. 
This style of karate is great for all ages, through the practice of kata, bunkais and kumites, you'll continuously improve your martial arts skills while making great friends. What I particularly like about Shidokan, is that through the proper techniques you'll be able to to defend yourself regardless of your opponent's age or size. Sensei Iha (Sensei Roberto's sensei) is currently 83 years old, and his moves are simply flawless and completely effortless. Nobody can get close to him. Try out some classes and you'll not be disappointed.

Juan Jose Martinez
Alexandria, VA
(on Google) 
This is a real dojo for those searching for a true home to learn martial arts. When I say real I mean a serious environment, not gimmicky, where the lessons are aimed towards self defense and the Sensai is an actual teacher, not one past their prime who wears their belt for looks. I mean no disrespect towards other teachers but there are those who rely on belt color more so than fitness to gain respect. Here, Sensai Roberto is a classic master: he teaches the classes himself, there is no contract, there is no testing fee, and they use no pads, head gear or gloves in their practice -- it's the real deal. But don't get me wrong. Although this school is mature and most students here are upper belts, they are a convivial crowd with warmth and true appreciation for each other. They welcomed me immediately and were great hosts to all that joined after. They have plenty to pull rank for but no one does. That is because Sensai doesn't. He is open and approachable and earnestly just wants to teach karate. Okinawan style rocks, btw. You'll get an immediate sense of all this upon your first class and then you'll know like me.

Burke, VA 
(on Yelp)

Make friends with Karate. Great place to learn karate. Sensei is the best. Extremely experienced, knowledgeable and a great teacher. Classes are fun in a superb environment. I am learning Karate, having fun, getting in shape and also making lots of friends.

Isaac G
Alexandria, Va
(on Yelp)

Imagine how you too will practice Karate, Karate, and Karate. Yoga, too!
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